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12 Aug

Siyabonga Nkosi Youth Festival

Fundamental to youth, sports, arts and culture development is the access to suitable and safe infrastructure and opportunities, as well as well-structured projects that allow a platform for talent identification and exposure.

The Siyabonga Nkosi Youth Festival has received a great deal of media attention since its inception including television, radio, and print, plus other media coverage. By expanding the scope beyond football the Festival endeavors to involve an even wider range of media to reach a larger target audience.

The Siyabonga Nkosi Youth Festival takes place annually during the youth month in Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal‎. The festival offers more than entertainment for the community; it offers an opportunity for youth to socialise and compete creatively; but also gives an opportunity for young talent to be identified, nursed and harnessed at its infantry. The programme includes soccer tournament, talent show, senior citizens sports day, exhibitions games, Fashion Killer Night, CSI activities and closing awards ceremony.

It also encourages real development at grassroots level and administrative club development as participating clubs must ensure that they comply through certain criteria they need to meet to participate in the Soccer Tournament.

The festival affords partners/sponsors an opportunity to engage with the community that supports them in the comfort of their own backyard, where they are more acceptable to positively engage with products/services that are associated with what they enjoy, but also contribute to the development of those they care about and their community generally.

The festival’s strong focus has always been on football. However, with the expansion programme; it now encompasses football development, arts and culture development, community and youth development, as well as entertainment packaged in one. This is achieved as the Festival Programme includes life skills training and engages the community on ways of combating social ills that destroy our communities.